From where I can buy?

From anywhere in the world. You can see the shipping cost here

How I can know my size?

You can view the following table: here

What are the payment methods?

We have two payment methods:

1. Bank transfer: not automatic, first of purchase stating the items through the shopping cart, then ask for personal information and we will contact you to tell you bank details and you can make the transfer.

2. Paypal ( www.paypal.com ). It is a payment system with presence in 38 countries and 20 million registered users. Comply with the strictest laws online payment processing. The information you provide will not be seen by us but will be encrypted and sent through secure servers. You do not need a Paypal account to pay by card.

How soon will I receive my purchase?

Our maximum term is 15 days.

What you have return policy?

If you're not satisfied with your purchase, we offer two options, (maximum 24 hours of receipt:

  • 1. Tiket with the value of the purchase for you to spend on other products of Passionate
  • 2. Partial or total refund of the money, with these conditions:
  1. Articles are costumes or dresses (excluding underwear or corsets).In short, you can not return any garment that includes intimate clothing for hygiene reasons.
  2. The clothes are in their original packaging
  3. No out of the package or have been tested (for reasons of hygiene)

In both cases, the cost of sending back the article corresponds to the client. We reserve the right to take the return, after examination of the / s garment / s. If this is not supported, will be returned back to the customer with postage due.

What happens if I buy an item not in stock?

We will get back within a period of less than 2 days of purchase, telling you that there is no stock of the product.We'll give you 2 options: 1. To wait for stock, respecting the price, 2. Return the money,