Affiliate conditions


The affiliate program allows you to become an official seller of our products. You will earn a commission of 5% of all sales directed from your tracking code.
Take advantage of our sponsor, our site has a great influence on the Internet, with an innovative design and a very comfortable shopping experience for the customer. Our products are attractive and both men and women enjoy watching and buying.
Once a customer has made and paid for your order, we will assign the amount of commission equivalent to your affiliate account. Note: This process is not automatic and will be made within 24 hours of ordering your client.
Commissions are paid via Paypal once a month, between 20 and 25. The minimum payment is 100€. If you arrive at this figure, do not worry, the amount saved for the following month.
We have to issue a bill of 100 € in fees paid.
Once you sign up, the system assigns a tracking code, which lets you create links to products that will help you get on your website or put in an email, for example. Manually, you can prepare a special link to our general website with your tracking code included. All orders are made from any of the links, both product generally count as you're the the affiliate.
We highly recommend that you are active, sending emails, creating a page on Facebook, Twitter ... With good PR approach easily get extra income or who knows, something more, all up to you.
If you need more information or have any questions, contact us at 96 129 06 69/675 125 490 or send an email to